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PCGS 1926-D 25C, FH Standing Liberty Quarters MS67 , Virtually White
PCGS 1926-D 25C, FH Standing Liberty Quarters MS67 , Virtually White
[Coin Image]
[Coin Image] It would be nearly impossible to improve upon this specimen. This coin may well be the second finest known of this date. ~more

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1909 $10 Indian Eagle PCGS MS63 MORE INFO
1912 $2 1/2 Indian Quarter Eagle NGC MS64 MORE INFO
1880-CC $1 8 Over Low 7 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65 CC MORE INFO
1990 1C No S, DC Proof Lincoln Cent NGC PR69 MORE INFO
1915 $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle PCGS MS62 MORE INFO
1914 $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle PCGS MS63 MORE INFO
1911 $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle PCGS MS63 MORE INFO
1862-S $20 Liberty Double Eagle NGC AU50 S MORE INFO
1914-D $10 Indian Eagle PCGS MS62 D MORE INFO
1909 $10 Indian Eagle NGC MS61 MORE INFO
1908-D $10 MOTTO Indian Eagle PCGS MS61 D MORE INFO
1882 $10 Liberty Eagle PCGS MS64 MORE INFO
1911-D $5 Indian Half Eagle NGC AU55 D MORE INFO
1908-D $5 Indian Half Eagle NGC MS61 D MORE INFO
1891 $5 Liberty Half Eagle NGC MS62 MORE INFO
1882 $5 Liberty Half Eagle NGC MS64 MORE INFO
1874 $3 Three Dollar Gold Piece PCGS AU58 MORE INFO
1910 $2 1/2 Indian Quarter Eagle NGC MS64 MORE INFO
1883 $1 Morgan Dollar NGC MS67 MORE INFO
1846-O 50C Tall Date, MS Seated Half Dollar PCGS AU55 O MORE INFO
1926 $2 1/2 SESQUI Commemorative Gold PCGS MS64 MORE INFO
1861 $20 Liberty Double Eagle NGC AU53 MORE INFO
1889 $3 Three Dollar Gold Piece PCGS MS62 MORE INFO
1872 $3 Three Dollar Gold Piece NGC MS62 MORE INFO
1885-CC $1 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS64 CC MORE INFO
1916-D 25C Barber, MS Barber Quarter PCGS MS65 D MORE INFO
1904 G$1 Lewis and Clark, MS Commemorative Gold NGC MS65 MORE INFO
1922 50C Grant With Star, MS Commemorative Silver PCGS MS64 MORE INFO
1900 Lafayette Dollar, MS Commemorative Silver PCGS MS65 MORE INFO
1908 $10 MOTTO Indian Eagle PCGS MS65 MORE INFO
1905 $10 Liberty Eagle NGC MS63 MORE INFO
1910-S $5 Indian Half Eagle NGC MS62 S MORE INFO
1914-D $2 1/2 Indian Quarter Eagle PCGS MS64 D MORE INFO
1893-S $1 Morgan Dollar PCGS F12 S MORE INFO
1870 5C Proof Shield Nickel NGC PR66 MORE INFO
1872 1C, MS, RB Indian Cent PCGS MS65 MORE INFO
1922 G$1 Grant, No Star Commemorative Gold MS64 PCGS MORE INFO
1915-S G$1 PAN-PAC Gold Dollar, MS Commemorative Gold MS63 PCGS MORE INFO
1903 G$1 MCKIN Commemorative Gold MS65 PCGS MORE INFO
1887 10C Seated Dime MS67 CAC PCGS MORE INFO
1875 3CN Three Cent Nickel MS67 PCGS MORE INFO
1913 $2 1/2 Indian Quarter Eagle MS64 PCGS MORE INFO
1876-S T$1 Trade Dollar MS63, Toned NGC MORE INFO
1915 50C Barber Half Dollar MS66, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1946-D 5C, FS Jefferson Nickel MS67, Virtually White PCGS MORE INFO
1897 5C, CA Proof Liberty Nickel PR67 CAC CAC, Lightly Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1889 G$1 Gold Dollar MS67 NGC MORE INFO
1832 50C, MS Bust Half Dollar MS65, Toned NGC MORE INFO
1937-D Three-Legged Buffalo Nickel VF35 PCGS MORE INFO
1912-S $10 Indian Eagle MS62 NGC MORE INFO
1917 G$1 McKinley Commemorative Gold MS66 NGC MORE INFO
1798 $1 Large Eagle, Pointed 9 Early Dollar VF20, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1806 1/2 C Large 6, Stems, BN, MS Half Cent MS62 PCGS MORE INFO
1897 $1, PL Morgan Dollar MS66 CAC, White PCGS MORE INFO
1937 1C, CA Proof Lincoln Cent PR66 PCGS MORE INFO
1910-S $10 Indian Eagle MS62 NGC MORE INFO
1910-S $10 Indian Eagle AU58 NGC MORE INFO
1887-O $1 Morgan Dollar MS65, White PCGS MORE INFO
1873-CC 10C ARROWS Seated Dime XF40, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1885 10C F-101 Proof Seated Dime PR68, Toned, Dark NGC MORE INFO
1896-O $1 Morgan Dollar MS61, Lightly Toned NGC MORE INFO
1844 $1 Seated Dollar AU58, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1846 50C 6/HORIZ 6, MS Seated Half Dollar MS64 CAC, Toned NGC MORE INFO
1908-O 10C Barber Dime MS67 CAC, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1897 10C Barber Dime MS67 NGC MORE INFO
1880 10C Proof Seated Dime PR68, Dark NGC MORE INFO
1927-S 5C Buffalo Nickel MS65, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1926 $2 1/2 SESQUI Commemorative Gold MS64 NGC MORE INFO
1853-O No Arrows Seated Half Dime MS65 CAC, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1918/7-D 5C FS-101, MS Buffalo Nickel VF20 NGC MORE INFO
1930-S 5C Buffalo Nickel MS67, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1903 G$1 MCKIN Commemorative Gold MS66 NGC MORE INFO
1897 50C, CA Proof Barber Half Dollar PCGS, Lightly Toned PR67 MORE INFO
1907 5C Liberty Nickel NGC, Toned MS66 MORE INFO
1854-O 50C Arrows, MS MS63, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1837 50C Reed Edge, MS Reeded Edge Half Dollar MS64, Toned PCGS MORE INFO
1886 5C Liberty Nickel MS64 PCGS MORE INFO
1901 25C, CA Proof Barber Quarter PR64 CAC, Virtually White PCGS MORE INFO
1839 25C NO DRAPERY Seated Quarter MS66 CAC PCGS MORE INFO
1915-S $2 1/2 PAN-PAC Commemorative Gold MS66 NGC MORE INFO

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